Brand Ambassador Onboarding

What’s Next:

Step 1: Fill out your candidate profile

Bartleby is a student success hub, developed by our parent company, Barnes & Noble Education. To kick things off, you’ll need to fill out your candidate profile — while it resembles a job application, this profile is key to ensuring a smooth hiring and onboarding process. Be sure to use the same email address that we used to contact you, and make note of your login credentials since you’ll need to return to this site occasionally.

Step 2: Schedule your intro call

After you’ve filled out your candidate profile, you can book a time to meet with one of our Brand Ambassador recruiters. These video calls are approximately 20 minutes over Zoom. We’ll learn more a little bit about you, why you think you’re a good fit, and discuss a little more in detail the Brand Ambassador role!

Make sure to download Zoom on your computer prior to the call.

After Your Intro Call:

Step 3: Schedule your project interview

After the intro call, we will extend an invitation for you to participate in a 20 minute project interview if we determine that you’d be a good fit for the bartleby Brand Ambassador program. For the project interview, you will create and share a short presentation (3 – 5 slides) where you’ll tell us about the ways that we can share bartleby on your campus.