Welcome to team bartleby!

We’re so excited for you to join us as a Brand Ambassador this Fall! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be reaching out to you with actions items to complete before your first day of work. Let’s get started! 

Action Items:

Please complete these steps no later than end-of-day Thursday, August 19.

Step 1: Fill out your bartleby candidate application

Even though you’ve already landed the job (yay!), we need all new team members to complete this application. This is a required step in our hiring process and is key to ensuring a smooth onboarding. Please fill out the candidate application by clicking the blue button below. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Please use your legal name when filling out the candidate application. This will help make sure that the rest of the onboarding process runs smoothly!
  • Take care when answering some of the required questions, especially as it pertains to your age and employment eligibility.
  • Since you have already provided your resume, it is not necessary to include your resume again in your application.
  • Use the same email address that you have been using to apply for this role.
  • Don’t forget your new login credentials! You’ll need to return to this site to complete additional steps in the onboarding process. 

Step 2: Email us to let us know you’ve completed the application

You can simply reply to the email that we sent you, or reach out to ambassadors@bartleby.com!

What to Expect Next:

After you’ve completed the application step, we’ll be in touch with next steps which will include digitally signing an offer letter, completing some required HR paperwork and confirming your identification verification. Stay tuned!